Planting 500 Billion Trees

New research led by Dr. Thomas Crowther of ETH Zurich reviewed the earth’s lands available for planting trees without affecting cities or agriculture and found that earth is home to about 1.7bn hectares of treeless land (around the size of the US). These lands if used can host some 500 Billion Trees. Dr. Thomas Crowther claims that once mature, these trees could remove around two-thirds of all the carbon emissions produced by humans in the industrial era.

As with all climate change solutions we have at the moment, it’s a very long-term solution. It’s only by the end of the century if not into the next century that we’d start to see that amount of carbon sequestered. 

“That this is only the start. I would reiterate that all we’ve done is identify this as an incredibly powerful carbon draw-down solution, but it only benefits local biodiversity and sustainability when it’s done ecologically right.” Dr. Thomas Crowther

500 Billion trees
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