Trick Or Tree

2019 Campaign has ended. View Campaign Summary Here

Halloween Fundraiser to Plant Trees and Save our Planet

Trick-Or-Tree campaign is set to raise money to donate to tree planting organizations around the world. Planting trees has an enormous ecological benefit and is one of the most recommended ways to fight climate changes. Planting trees also have the power to change lives in some regions of the world.

How Can you Help?

Donate through our GoFundMe campaign or directly to planting trees organizations

Share the campaign on social media with your kid’s costume and the campaign GoFundMe link or directly to one of the Tree planting organizations.

In your Community
Bring TrickOrTree to your school and raise money on the eve of Halloween

GoFundMe Campaign

The story behind TrickOrTree

Gala is a 13 years old girl from Nelson BC who like many others is worried about the future of our world. Gala is constantly trying to make choices that are better for our planet like walking to school, buying used clothes, becoming Vegan and not using single-use plastics. Recently she learned of the huge benefit of planting trees and decided that instead of collecting candies this Haloween she will prepare a Lorax costume and ask for donations for planting trees in the form of Trick of Tree.

with the intention to amplify her effort, Gala together with her parents, set up this campaign and the website The campaign is created to collect donations and also to raise awareness of the simplicity of donating to planting trees as something each and every one of us can easily do.

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